Anna Steinberg Illustrator Lecture

  • her website…
  • put your contact details on everything (each page so that if things get separated they know whose it is)
  • illustration is responding to a problem whilst fine art is self generated
  • AOI competition
  • have a rough idea of what you will chage for your work
  • get the name and number of the person who calls you to offer the job!
  • give yourself some time to think about the work and money
  • negotiation is normal!
  • keep good record of everything!
  • be polite
  • you must send invoices
  • useful forms from AOI (terms and conditions form and confirming job form)
  • must be well-organized, you can have multiple jobs at same time
  • illustrators complain the most about too much work or no work
  • copyright is a powerful law and they don’t want to risk it
  • the copyright is owned by the artist, no forms, registration etc. needed!!!!!
  • don’t just GIVE the copyright!
  • art directors give you jobs…build a database
  • important to have a website…or AOI portfolio site
  • have business cards
  • self-initiated projects
  • reserach new clients
  • keep accounts up to date
  • “survive” book very handy
  • no sick leaves etc.
  • agents are great but first try work on your own…agents are looking for that
  • keep sketchbook when you’re on holiday
  • NOT hourly rates for your work!
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