Starting off…

I wouldn’t mind doing the Christmas card brief since it does allow room for illustration which is something that I haven’t done much of this year. On the other hand the Helmut Lagner brief also sounds interesting yet I don’t quite understand what exactly we are required to create….a logo? a poster? what?

The brief for the placement unit (if you can’t get a work placement) is to do two live briefs. I am working on the DDF brief so I believe that can count as one of them. But, both the Christmas card and the Helmut Lagner brief seems pretty interesting…but it depends on what we are supposed to produce for the Helmut Lagner one.

Also must coordinate visits to creative practices.
Question: are we required to do the case study for the live briefs as well or do we just treat those as any other brief?

This week: must give in the ‘learning proposal’

Learning proposal

You will write a learning proposal giving a synopsis of why you have chosen the placement/ visit/live project work and what you hope to gain from the placement/visit/live project. You will also need to detail the aims and objectives which should relate to the stated learning outcomes of the unit and you will need to state how you intend to achieve these learning outcomes.

I have had a look at both the Helmut Lagner site as well as the Bournemouth Orchestra sites.

I found a useful diagram of the various instruments used by the orchestra:

I looked over the titles for the Helmut Lagner piece and they are all about employment, which I didn’t find very inspiration. Some of the designs on the site (which is what I am assuming is supposed to be the intended outcome of the brief) are quite creative and symbolic, but I think that I would rather do the Bournemouth Orchestra brief.

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