• received typography handout, must study it for tomorrow since we will be tested on it by Kit during the InDesign session
  • had a tutorial with Kit and Sally before going off to lunch
  • got feedback from Kit about my updated spread design
  • saw Sally a bit later, she also gave me feedback on the spreads and looked over my Portfolio sample sheet as well as my CV
  • so must go back tonight, redo the CV and sample sheet and run it by Kit tomorrow so that I can FINALLY get it sent off….it is really taking forever and I just get more and more paranoid about it since there are only two weeks left before the official placement project starts!!!
  • ALSO…must compile a full PDF portfolio…as well as a real one???? clarify please.
  • Sally also reminded everyone that we must do the statement of intent write-up for our work placement unit, she is willing to give extensions for people who don’t have placements yet but it must be done by the time the unit starts….should talk to her about whether I can potentially get that extension
  • PPRD deadline postponed for May 16th by 12:30 pm….isn’t this the last day of the course as well???
  • Thursday– potentially getting theory paper grades back from Anna
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