My participation in Exhibitions!

So here is just a little post to recount what is happening back in New Delhi, India.

Latest exhibition:

Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Group Exhibition (together Mr Peter Pollag and Mr DP Sibal) on the occasion of the visit of Speaker of the Parlament of the Slovak Republic, March 2008.


My work will be displayed in a solo exhibition on the occasion of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, India Habitat Center – Gulmohar Auditorium, New Delhi, 6 April 2008. It’s not a proper solo exhibition since since the main event is a European Union film festival in Delhi, it is rather more of a display of works in accompaniement to the main event.

My First Solo Exhibition!!!
I got this email on the 27th of March in response to the proposal my parents drafted for the exhibition and posted along with my most up-to-date CV. I have lost count how many times I have had to re-do it in the past year for these exhibitions and so on! Nonethless this is what the email said:

Dear Ladislava,

We have received your proposal and will get back to you in a month as the proposal goes to review committee and once the acceptance is made then we can work out the dates.

As such we are trying to put your proposal on priority basis and may be I can get back to you even earlier.




Visual Arts Gallery

And just this week I got another response from them within a week of the first email!!!

Dear Ladislava,

India Habitat Centre would be happy to offer you the Experimental Arts Gallery for your exhibition. The dates are from 21st-27th Dec 2008.Please confirm these dates ASAP.

Uma Chharia
I already wrote back to them yesterday accepting the proposal! This really gave me something to celebrate since the Indian Habitat Centre is a very prestigious exhibition space in New Delhi where I have to to many an exhibition during my years in Delhi. This truly is a milestone for me! My very own exhibition! And I take their prompt response as a good sign that they liked my work : )
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