Interesting Film Screening

Just checked my AIB email and found this….sounds interesting, so I just wanted to post it on here to remind me to go to it…some background research and notes on the film could be good for my PPRD file : )

Marketa Lazarová

A film by Frantisek Velecký


“Voted the best Czech film ever made, Marketa Lazarová is a powerful and passionate medieval epic set in the mid-13th Century. Based on avant-garde writer Vladislav Vancura’s novel, it follows the rivalry between two warring clans, the Kozlíks and the Lazars, and the doomed love affair of Mikolás Kozlík and Marketa Lazarová.

Re-creating an authentic world and as reminiscent of Tarkovsky and Kurosawa as it is of the rich tapestry of Czech fiction, this ambitious and multi-layered film is the crowning achievement of Vlácil’s career and one of the undiscovered cornerstones of world cinema.”

This screening will be hosted by Senior Lecturer in Film Theory, Cesar Ballester, a specialist in Czech cinema. Please do not miss the rare opportunity to see this film!

When: TUESDAY, April 7th, 17.00

Where: Lecture Theatre 3 (J001)

Just looked it up on youtube and online and here are some resources to look at relating to the film:

You tube (2 videos):

Informative stuff:

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