Windows Live Sky Drive

Over the weekend I signed up for the new Windows Live Sky Drive I saw advertised online while checking my hotmail. Today I just tried it out, and I must say that it really came to the rescue just in time because I don’t have my USB stick at the moment (handed it in to Neil for the Flash project)….so I was just thinking of how to transfer some files and dreading the idea of trying to email them to myself – since that rarely works properly and doesn’t take more then 10mb! I just remembered I had signed up for the Sky Drive thing so I went to try it out and it really works like a charm. It has a 5 GB memory space and in no time lets you put stuff online, which you can then access from anywhere! This is really perfect, since I recall the multitude of times I have needed an application such as this for transferring larger files. Finally! Something that works and it is really really really easy and does what it says on the box. This may eventually replace my USB stick (which has only 4 GB) if it remains this effective. I will just have to see how easy it is to download the stuff I put on there today.

Here is a link to the Windows Life Sky Drive overview page:

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