Back from Easter Holiday

Just got back on Friday 28th of March from two lovely weeks with friends in Prague. So, in order to improve time management here is a little plan for what I have to do this week…

  • Do an online shop….since obviously after two weeks away one does not havemuch food around done!
  • pay water bill done!
  • get money owed for the shopping from housemate
  • get money off people for water bill and also the 20 for the gas
  • Spring Cleaning: re-organize and clean everything for a nice zen feeling and good working environment… far have attacked bathroom with cleaning products and reorganized it….do room this week (vacuum, clean surfaces, laundry etc etc)
  • Show work done so far on Indesign Project (research, idea development, transciption of interview etc
  • Make a doctors appointment! (for some time this week….keep putting it off forever) done yesterday (March 31st)!
  • send out the cover letter I wrote up before easter to the various companies I found (also before easter)
  • OR call them up…..must be done by end of this week!
  • Do the logo redesigning project for the live brief?
  • write up a blog post about the easter holidays
  • go to gym and eat healthy!
  • redo CV
  • create a portfolio of work….digital as well as hard copy
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