Job Hunting Continues

19th January 2008- went back to Castle Point to distribute CV’s (see the CV in my PPRD folder at the back in the C.V. section). Turns out there are no more job vacancies in Waterstones, which was a bit disappointing since I really wanted to work there : (   oh well, I should apply early and maybe try get a job there for next year. My two friends, who also went job hunting with me, really helped me with writing my CV  so that it would be structured correctly, easy to read, short and organized. Thank you!!!!!

Around the 28th of January I got a call from Wallis clothes store that they want me to go there for a job interview. I was really really excited about the whole prospect of having a job and making money of my own.

1st February 2008- Went for the job interview at Castle Point. Tried to stay calm and composed so that I could present myself clearly and coherently to the manager. Considering this was my first job interview ever I think I did a pretty good job of that…the only part where I did mess up on was when I answered some of the questions a bit too honestly. Which probably cost me the job since the rest of the interview went really well. So, for future reference honesty is good, but not too honest, bending the truth is ok! In the end though (which waiting to hear back whether I had gotten the job or not) I decided that I wouldn’t want to take it since I would need my weekends (will have to make some trips and will probably need my weekends when it comes to work placements and just in general since it will probably be very busy towards the end of the term anyway).

Nonetheless it was a good overall first-job experience and I now know how to go about things.

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