Allison found a really great website called which is really brilliant actually. When you sign up it asks you what your interests are and then when you click ‘stumble’ on your toolbar in your browser, it sends you to a page related to your interests. Not only is it very entertaining but, as both of us instantly realizes, it has PPRD written all over it : )

When you arrive at a website you really like you can press the ‘like’ button on your toolbar and it automatically files the website into your list of favourites (and includes info about when you visited it). I have come across loads of inspirational sites this way…about artists, about technology, about ads and so on. I will post comments about them later, but some of the sites I have found this way are:

“The Earth at Night” (photo)

“Their Circular Life” (360 degree shots)

“Laura Racero – Starcatcher” (artist online portfolio)

“Beautifully sites” (beatiful websites collection)

“Paper Art”

“Sidewalk Art”

“Bureau of Communication” (apology form)

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