November Prague Visit

2nd November – 9th November 2007

I went to Prague to see my family for a week since they were going there and it was a nice opportunity to see them without needing to travel halfway across the world! Also we had to sort out our visas to India and so on. Luckily I did not miss anything absolutely crucial during that week so it wasn’t so bad even though I will have a bit of catching up to do. (Went to see Sally in advance and she was ok with the trip).

Ever since Sally or Neil gave us a talk about how we should always carry a camera with us and take photos to build our reference collection, I have been taking photos much more and that was one of the things I fitted into the schedule while I was in Prague. I went around one afternoon, just in the main parts of the city since there wasn’t much time and I don’t know the city well on my own, and took photos. I tried to create some interesting compositions and generally just to really learn to take better photos.

While going about this, I looked up at the structures of the buildines and it was amazing all the things you could see just by tilting your head a bit. The architecture everywhere is truly wonderful and I never realized how beautiful and detailed the buildings are until I went around looking up at the shapes the different parts of the buildings formed form my perspective. This is where a rather funny incident comes in. Everyone else was just going back and forth about their own business and then there was me with my camera starin up and taking photos. Two women passed by and one said to the other “see, and this is how you can recognize a tourist”. At which point I turned around and gave them a look at which they understood that I was no tourist and understood perfectly what they had just said in czech (probably thinking that I obviously was foreign and wouldn’t understand them). So, in the end they were the embarrased ones.

One a more positive note, while I was standing there like this, camera aimed to the sky, many of the people around me actually started looking up as well out of curiosity. I thought this was rather nice since by me being there and actually looking at the lovely things around me, it made them actually LOOK at things as well instead of ignoring them as they would tend to.


When I was walking around a mall I saw a Goretex store and their posters instantly caught my eye. I love the concept behind their posters which is about ‘the animal solution’ vs. ‘the goretex solution’ (if you go to the site, in the left hand corner of the main headline are three squares with “discover more solutions” written next to them, if you click on that you can see all the different parts of their ad campaign). For gloves they use a polar bear paw as their animal solution, for feet they use a tiger paw as their solution etc etc. The aim of their ads is to show how they have taken animal ‘technology’ (polar bear paw – insulated but sensitive) and have applied those qualities to their products. I really love the idea of how their products take inspiration from nature.

The leaflet I picked up from this store is in my PPRD folder.

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