Looking for Part-time work

9th November 2007-  Today I returned from my week long visit to Prague and me and my two housemates went to Castle Point to start looking for part-time jobs. I have never had a job before so all this is new to me. Luckily they both have had jobs and shared their experiences with me. We went around from shop to shop, taking turns to ask about job vacancies and collect any forms which we received to fill out. The general answer to everything, of course, was that we should just bring our CV in. We didn’t have our CV’s, we just wanted to see if anything was actually available (besides needing to do some shopping as well while we were job hunting). So, one thing I jotted down in my mind was that I need need to go back and re-do my CV so that I can hand it out next time.

From the start I really wanted to maybe get a job at Borders or Waterstones since I absolutely love books and would really enjoy working in a bookshop I think. There were vacancies all over the place since christmas holidays were coming up. But, I want a part-time job but after Christmas since I won’t be around during the holidays (am going back to India).

Anyway….felt like I had really accomplished something though it was just a little step in the grander scheme of things. But oh well, I am doing this for the first time so little things will seem bigger/more important/more meaningful then they actually are.

Must go re-write CV and go back to Castle Point again soon….

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